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Build your weapon

You can buy an AI&P Tactical one of two ways.  You can buy one of the package weapons or you can design your own and I will build it.  This is providing you stick with the accessories I offer.  If you want something else, I will require a deposit before I order it for your weapon.  Also, I may not have access to that item nor want to install it on a weapon.

All AI&P Tactical shotguns are built on the Remington 870.  I will not build on anything else as I am a Remington Factory Certified Law Enforcement
Armorer, certified on the 870 Police and 11-87-Police and will not build nor even work on other weapons as I am not certified on them.  Except for the models built on the Police receivers all AI&P Tactical Shotguns are the same.  All are built on new Remington 870 magnum receivers.  We bead blast them and parkerize them.  We upgrade the trigger groups and bolt.   the bolt on the Express model and the blot on the P model are the exact same bolt, same matte finish and all the same parts except for the extractor.  I change the extractor to the solid steel one that comes on the P model and thus a P model bolt.  The trigger groups are on a polymer housing or you can upgrade to cast but all have the same internal parts.  I have found the polymer to be completely durable and stays cleaner internally.  I have the polymer housing on all of my weapons as do all my employees.

What will vary are the accessories you want on the weapon.  Most of you will be well served with the Basic I or II model.  I belive the best fighting shotgun I build is the HD/Duty model.  On each model page there will be a list of the accessories you can add and what the cost will be. You may find that if you add multiple accessories that the price will go above one of the other packages. 
So pick a package that is closest to the weapon you want and make your modifications from there.

This list of accessories on each model page are the items I offer on that weapons  It is not a list of items I sell.  Go to the "Sale Items" page for the accessories I offer for individual sale.

Here is an example of the way this will work.  If you want the Basic I model and want to add a Mesa Tactical 6 round shell holder and a Sure Fire forend you simply take the cost of the Basic I and add the cost of the accessories from the list below.   If you notice the prices on this list are less then on the "Sale Items" list, this is because I am deducting the cost of the item that you are replacing.  For example if the weapon you pick comes with a Speed Feed II stock and you want to add the Knoxx SpecOps, I will add the difference in the cost of the two stocks because I am deducting cost of the Speed Feed II.  so each page will have different accessories for that model and different prices if the accessory is replacing another item.

I have tried to make this as simple as I am and that is pretty simple.  I want you to be able to come to this site and design a weapon and know the cost of that weapon with out needing a slide rule.

Here are some tips to selecting the right weapon : 

Here is a video from a guy who has forgot more about shotguns then I even know.   He also preaches, Keep it basic.  Watch this video before you start designing your weapon.

Home owners: 
A Basic Home Defense Shotgun should be just that, basic.  think "short is better" and pick an 18.5 inch barrel.  You may not need a two shot tube extension but it helps as you will have a 6 round capacity in the tube and can keep four rounds in the weapon without damage to the mag spring.  A bead sight will serve your need and adding rifle sights to this weapon is a frill you don't need.   If you want a forend light the Sure Fire 318LM is all you need for most homes.  You do not need a tactical choke ( or as we fondly call it,  the Tactical Joke) on the weapon, it serves no use and adds unwanted lenght to the weapon.  You do not want a sling on this weapon as it will hang up on every door knob in your home and on the corners of tables, chairs and anything else in your house.  All my weapons will come with sling mounts so if you take a tactical training course that requires a sling you are set. The stock is a matter of preference but the basic conventional stock will serve you well.  If lenght of pull is an issue I have reduced LOP stocks for you.  I recomend resuced LOP stock or adjustable stocks if you are under 5"10" tall.  You can also add recoil reducing stocks if recoil is an issue.  A shell holder is OK as you can carry different ammo as you check your property.  For most home owners the Cyl Bore choke is OK and the I/C works great. 

Note: Every home owner should seriously look at the 20ga Tactical I build.  It will serve you needs perfectly.  You don't need a 12ga to defend your home or property and this weapon can be shot by any member of you family big enough to lift it.  This is the Perfect HD weapon.

Shooters:  If you are like me and enjoy shooting these weapons then think about one with rifle sights so you can get serious will slugs.  The fixed modified choke is the best on a smooth bore barrel for grouping slugs.  If you want to shoot all day ( and can afford the ammo) pick the Knoxx SpecOps stock with 95% felt recoil reduction.  Pass on the shell holder as you are on a range and don't need to get to your ammo fast.  You don't need night sights but if the weapon serves as a defense weapon then think about them.  You don't need a sling to carry the weapon from your vehicle to the shooting line.  Also, if you have the money the Mesa Tactical LEO stock with Endine buffer is the best on the market and better then the Knoxx any day.

Do not think that you can't enjoy shooting your Home Defense weapon as a range weapon.  In fact this becomes training.  So if the weapon is going to serve as a Defense weapon build it as a Defense weapon.   The bottom line for a recreational gun is put what you want and can afford on it.  I don't mind all the bells and whistles on this one as long as you understand this is a fun gun and not your go to defense weapon and may not be fit for fighting if you have put to much mess on it.

LEO Duty Weapon: This weapon is going to get some heavy use and the fewer accessories the less stuff to bang up and have to replace.  Some of the car racks are not side saddle friendly so think about the Speed Feed stocks with built in shell holders or the SpecOps with a Power pack that carries the extra rounds at the back of the stock pr , ,mounting the shell holder on the stock of the Mesa LEO.   I/C choke will get it done for you and should be the choke of choice if shooting any of the flight control stuff out there.   If you are using regular buck shot and slugs the Modified is the way to go.  18.5 police barrel in either bead sight or rifle sight.  Night sights  do have a tactical application when used in conjunction with a light and I have come to view them as a must on this weapon, did not have them back in the day, so yes, you can get by without them but why would you.  The Sure Fire 618LMG or the LED's are perfect for a duty weapon.  The additional switch comes in handy if you carry the weapon in your trunk in a soft case as it cuts the power so when you throw other equipment on the case it does not activate the light.  You "MUST" make it part of your routine to turn that switch on each time you remove the weapon from the case.  You don't want a sling to hang up on the rack, gear shift or other stuff as you are trying to pull the weapon out of your vehicle while you are taking fire.

LEO Tactical Team:  Short is best and the Knoxx SpecOPs, the Mesa LEO or the Speed Feed IV-S helps with this.  Put a SWAT plate on the SF IV-S and the LOP is only 12".  The SpecOps adjust down to 11.25" LOP if you take the pad off and that is the best way to have it as you have body armor on and the stock eats the recoil anyway.  The SpecOps Folder is a good call on this weapon. The Mesa LEO with Endine buffer is the best pick for this weapon if you have the money. 18.5" police barrel in Cyl Bore works but any choke will serve.

Ghost rings are peep sights and have no place on a fighting shotgun.  Except for the most experienced shooter they will cause you to give up to much of your peripheral vision and that is dangerous in a fight.  can get you killed.  Bead sight or rifle sights and yes the tritium inserts for the rifle sights are worth it on this weapon.  If you go with bead then ask me about the tritium bead sight on the 18.5 police barrel. The rifle sights on the P barrels are designed for you so you can transition from the hand gun to the shotgun with the same sighting system and the rear sight is the about the same distance from you eye as the rear sight of you hand gun they are the same type of notched rear sight.

The Sure Fire 618LMG cost more but the kill switch may prevent you from bumping your light on as you are doing a covert approach to stack for a high risk warrant.  Nothing like shinning a Sure Fire through the window to let the bad guys know company is coming.  Also, the kill switch allows you to keep the weapon in a soft case in the trunk and not worry about putting something on top of the weapon and activating the pressure pad and running down the batteries.
Think about the sling mounting points as you can waste some money on this weapon with sling plates you don't need.  The best single point I have found is the Sumit from The Mesa Tactical 6 round shell holder or if you have a Speed Feed LE forend you can use the 8 round. The Mesa is the best out there. If you go with the SpecOps the power pack can be a big plus and you can keep slugs ( if allowed ) back there and buck shot in the Mesa. 

The Aip Tactical models come with a polymer trigger plate assembly.  I prefer these over the cast metal of the Police model.  The polymer is stronger, stays cleaner inside and will never show a scratch or need refinishing.   If you don't believer they are stronger go to the below link and watch the video on the Ruger Polymer trigger guard.  Click on the below link and when it comes up look in the right hand corner of the page and find the video on the trigger guard.   I rest my case.

There is you proof.   If you don't believe this and want the police trigger plate assembly in your AI&P Tactical model then simply add it for $20 more.  Not because they cost more but because the polymer comes in the weapons I buy to build on and I have to buy the P assembly as a part from Remington so they cost me more.  Note:  The metal P assembly comes in all P models.

Weapon on a Budget:  I love building weapons for you guys but I would be remiss if I did not tell you this.  If money is tight and you need an Remington 870 for protection or duty that is going to remain a dedicated defense gun then I suggest this.  Go to any Gun shop or Sporting goods store and buy a Remington 870 Home Defense model # 25077.  It will come with a 6 shot one piece tube, bead sight barrel with a fixed Cyl Bore choke.  It is the best value and best made out there.  It is 100% dependable and you can trust it with your life..............Latter when you are in a better financial situation you can send it to me and I will parkerize it, upgraded it with the few police parts and even upgrade some of the accessories if you want.  You will then have a weapon that performs the same as the Remington 870 Police.  However, the 25077 can not take other Remington barrels and the one that comes on it is the only made for it.   So if you may want to use other barrels for other uses then get the 25549.  This is a 4+1 capacity 870 with an 18.5" bead sight barrel and synthetic stocks.  You can use it as is for HD or follow my how to videos and put a Wilson Combat 2 shot extension on it.  You can use any of the 110 Remington barrels in 12ga on it so it can also be a hunting or Sport shooting gun simply with a barrel change, then after the hunt change back to your HD barrel in only a couple of minutes.

Here are the accessories you can build with:   If you want to check accessory prices go to Brownells or Midway to see the retail price or the manufacturers website I have listed below.  You will not pay full retail for anything you add to your weapon.

These are the barrels I always have in stock but I can get any Remington Barrel.


18.5" bead sight with fixed Cyl bore or fixed, I/C
18.5" with tritium bead sight in fixed Modified
18.5" Rifle sights in fixed IC, Cyl Bore or Modified
18.5" Rifle sights with factory installed Meprolight Tritium Rifle sights
18.5 bead sight with Rem choke
18.5 XS sights
20" bead sight with fixed I/C
20" fully rifled with rifle sights
23" fully rifled cantilever mount

Barrel 20ga

18.5 bead sight Cly bore choke
18.75 Vent Rib with Rem Choke
20" Rifle sights I/C choke
20" fully rifled with rifle sights


Knoxx SpecOps, SpecOps folder or SpecOps breecher
All Speed Feed Stocks
Remington Law Enforcement reduced LOP with R3 pad
Remington Conventional synthetic
Mesa Tactical LEO with or with out Endine Buffer.

Adapter to use any 12ga on the 20ga 870

All Sure Fire dedicated Forends and weapons systems
Speed Feed LE Forend

Mesa Tactical Shell holders, 6 rd and 8 rd
Mess Tactical pictinney rail
Mesa Tactical barrel clamp & clamp with pictinney rail
Mesa Tactical sling mounts, slotted and quick detach
Mesa Tactical stocks ( by special order only )

Wilson Combat one or two round extension, all                                 
Remington LE Extensions, 2 with 18.5" barrels or 3 round with 20" barrels

XS Big Dot
Meprolight Tritium Bead
Trijicon rifle night sights
Meprolight rifle night sights
Zone One rifle night sights


Remington      and
Wilson combat    
Mesa tactical       
Sure Fire               
Speed Feed          
Knoxx                     or

If there are other accessories you want I may not agree to use them. I warranty each weapon for two years and do not want accessories that I feel are inferior on them as they could affect the performance or damage the weapon.  If I agree to put an accessory not listed above on your weapon I may require you to wave the warranty for that accessory and any affect it may have on the weapon.  If we can not agree on an accessory you want you can add it yourself or I may decline to build a weapon for you.

You can also buy any AI&P Tactical in part, you may just want the receiver or the weapon built without the stocks as you have your own that you will put on it.  Call for partial prices on any package.

Again, the above are based on my expirience and knowledge of the shotgun as a fighting weapon.   You have expirience and knowledge and I am not going to debate you on what I have written on this page.   You are the customer and I will give you what you want, within limits.   If I can't then I will not build you a weapon, or, if I won't, then you can find others in this business who will simply put what you want on a weapon for a price.